Portable Massage Table

We all love a good massage as it is cozy and relaxing. Normally we go for a massage therapy whenever we are tired and seeking for an instant back relief and muscle relaxation that automatically alleviates the sprain, injuries, and headache. Many doctors recommend a massage as it is a good remedy for relieving the stress and also boosting your emotional levels. Any person who desperately needs a massage would expect the massage table to be comfortable. So, you as a therapist must have a comfortable massage table at your massage center. Or if you have appointments and have to travel from house to house you should prefer a cozy, relaxing and a comfortable portable massage table.

A bad or unbalanced massage table would be an unpleasant experience for your client and can adversely affect his health. Possibly you might have to bear the expenses for any muscle pull or pain recovery. Portable massage tables are available in different sizes and heights, and can be cleaned easily. They top surface has a heavy pad and head support that gives the customer a comfortable experience and makes the breathing more easy for him. Because of an ideal and a better positioning, you can easily go through all the parts of the body without any strain.In the past massaging was done on the floor, but with the advancement in technology and innovations being discovered each day, there came different types of tables, sizes, etc. It is surely important equipment for a therapist and is touted as a great piece of art giving immense relaxation and softening the tissues. A portable massage table is one of the best massaging equipment that facilitates the clients, and also gives benefits to the therapists. Your priority while looking for a massage table shouldn’t be the design or color; instead it should be the user experience.Moreover, one shouldn’t be focused on the price, because once you have a good quality portable massage table, you’ll be making some great profits for many several years. Here are some great portable massage tables that can be a great choice for you and an enticing experience for the clients.


  1.  Black Portable Massage Table

The Black Portable Massage Table is an economical massage table and is perfect for a professional therapist to use it at their massage centers or carry it to a home. It is about 73 inches long, 28 inches wide and 24-33 inches height that is adjustable. A small yet a premium carry case comes as a bonus.This portable massage table is capable of bearing a weight of 450llbs. Beach timber has been used in manufacturing it that makes it ultra-durable and comfortable for the customers. Check more details at Amazon.

2. Sierra Comfort Professional Series Portable Massage Table

Sierra Comfort Professional Series Portable Massage Table features a semi-circle bolster, a carry bag, disposable face sheet, face cradle that is adjustable and an arm shelf for added comfort. Is has a durable and high-density foam that is 2.5 inches high giving a relaxing experience to the clients.Moreover, you’ll also get a five years warranty on the frame. The table is about 72 inches long and 28 inches wide with height that is adjustable from 23 inches and till 32 inches. It has PU leather that is waterproof and oil resistant as well. Check more details at Amazon.

3. BESTMASSAGE Two Fold Burgundy Portable Massage Table

The BESTMASSAGE Two Fold Burgundy Portable Massage Table comes in 5 different colors to choose from. It features 2 inches thick padded foam and a birch hardwood frame that makes it sturdy and comfortable.You’ll also get a free premium carry bag along with face cradle that is adjustable and also detachable as well. The table is 72 inches long and 27 inches wide with height adjustable from 26 inches to 36 inches, and a weight capacity of 450 lbs. Check more details at Amazon.

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