Functional Coffee Break Day!

    Did you know that the coffee break has its own day? It’s true! Every January 20th, people gather around percolators everywhere to celebrate the fact that they can do just that.

    At Peak State Coffee, we take Coffee Break Day one step further. Functional Coffee Break day celebrates everything that coffee can be and more. If you want to join our celebration, and we really hope you do, keep reading to learn more about functional coffee and why we should celebrate it.

    What is Functional Coffee Break Day?

    Functional Coffee Break Day is a day to celebrate the beverage that makes us better humans. Coffee helps us think better and functional coffee does even more than that. It has benefits on top of those offered by the caffeine and polyphenols in regular coffee.

    If you already love functional coffee, then Functional Coffee Break day is your chance to celebrate that love and share the coffee you adore with people who may not even know what makes it stand out.

    If you love regular coffee and you’d like to get even more out of every cup you drink, then Functional Coffee Break Day is your chance to try something new and see if functional coffee is right for you.

    Functional Coffee

    How to Celebrate Functional Coffee Break Day?

    There are a million ways to celebrate Functional Coffee Break Day. Here are a few of our favorites:


    • Send out a Functional Coffee Break Day invitation. Make sure your friends, family, and colleagues all know about this day and know that you would love to celebrate it alongside them.
    • Order functional coffee for your whole family or your whole office. Brew up a pot, share it around, and see how many people you can convince to love it just as much as you do.

    • Have a functional coffee taste test. Order our monthly trio subscription or get one bag of each type of functional coffee on its own. Brew them up, then taste them and invite others to do the same. Figure out which one is your favorite, then order it as an office.

    • Test the functionality of functional coffee. Don’t drink any coffee before you come to work, then work for an hour. Take your coffee break, down your functional coffee, and see if the next hour of work is any better. Compare notes with your colleagues, if you can convince them to participate with you.

    • Blind taste test functional coffee. Order all three types of functional coffee. Brew them up, then mix up the carafes. Pour everyone a sample of each type of coffee and see who can identify the Ethiopian, the Guatemalan, and the Sumatran. Give the winner a bag of their favorite functional coffee.

    • Match the coffee to the drinker. Have everyone in your office or family tell you how they like to take their coffee. Then, have people try to match the type of coffee with the coffee drinker. You’ll get to know everyone better and you’ll know what kind of coffee to order for them next time, too.


    How will you celebrate Functional Coffee Break Day? Let us know and maybe we’ll add your idea to our list next year!

    Is Mushroom Coffee Considered Functional Coffee?

    Yes! It absolutely is.

    Our coffee adds to the improvement in function that you can experience from regular coffee. Lower your stress levels, improve your focus and concentration, or support your immune system when you drink coffee that is infused with mushroom extracts. 

    Coffee is functional enough on its own, but when you add mushrooms, you get coffee with benefits!

    The Benefits of Drinking Coffee

    There are a number of good reasons why drinking coffee is good for you. As long as you don’t drink more than 400 milligrams of caffeine each day (that’s 3-5 cups of most types of coffee), you can reap the following benefits

    • Avoid Parkinson’s disease. If you already have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, drinking coffee may help you control your body’s movements for longer.
    • Avoid heart failure. Drinking coffee can help keep your heart stronger for a long, long time.
    • Keep your DNA strong. Coffee helps decrease breakage in DNA strands. This occurs naturally and can cause cancer if the breakage isn’t repaired.
    • Lower your risk of developing Alzheimer’s and dementia. Coffee seems to provide protection against the condition.
    • Be less likely to suffer a stroke.
    • Protect your liver. Coffee drinkers are more likely to have liver enzymes within healthy ranges than non-coffee drinkers
    • Process glucose better. This may lower your chances of developing type 2 diabetes.
    • Lower your chances of getting colon cancer.
    • Live longer. When you avoid all of the issues listed above, you may live longer if you drink coffee.

    Cognition and Coffee

    Coffee, and the caffeine it contains, improves several aspects of cognition, including reaction time, attention, alertness, vigilance, and more. It stimulates the brain so that the brain can perform these functions better.

    Some people also see an improvement in their memory, decision-making capabilities, and judgement when they imbibe caffeine, though not everyone will experience all of these effects.

    The benefits of coffee may be achievable without imbibing caffeine, too. Some researchers have found that coffee itself can lower the risk of developing dementia and improve overall cognitive function.

    When you add functional mushrooms to the mix, the brain may work even better than it does on coffee alone. Our chaga, reishi, turkey tail, lion’s mane, and cordyceps mushrooms get infused into our beans, making our coffee even more functional than a regular cuppa joe.

    Get Ready for Functional Coffee Break Day Now!

    If you want to think better, feel better, and maybe even live longer, celebrate Functional Coffee Break Day with us at Peak State Coffee this year! Order your functional coffee now so you’re ready when the big day rolls around.

    If you celebrate Functional Coffee Break Day, be sure to tag us on social media and send us your photos. We’d love to see what this day means to you!

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